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How To Improve Your Minigolf Game

Put your minigolf clothes on and get ready to practice your putt!

April's Best Recipes: Delicious Ideas to Try This Month

Spring has finally sprung, and that means it's time to start cooking up some delicious ...

Top Things To Do in St. George, Utah, Part 2!

The awesomeness of St. George can't be contained in a single blog post, so here's anoth...

Top 7 Things To Do in St. George, Utah With the GetOutPass

Come and explore St. George with the help of GetOutPass!

Tomorrow Is International Fun at Work Day!

Happy employees are equal to a happy business!

The Best National Parks and Monuments in Utah

Pack your gears and get ready for an amazing trip!

National Take a Walk in the Park Day

Take your walking shoes out and explore your local park today!

Best Pranks From Television Shows

Take note of these creative prank ideas from our favorite TV shows!

Top 6 Things To Do in Spanish Fork, Utah

Check out Spanish Fork and see what makes it special!

Best Pranks to Pull on April Fools’

But remember: it's all about fun!

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