Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase the GetOutPass?

Follow our steps here to become a member of the GetOutPass!

How do I use my GetOutPass?

Once you purchase the pass, download the app and let the fun begin! You'll select an offer from our list of attractions, go to the attraction, present your app, and get your free admission. It's quick, simple, and you'll feel super cool doing it. 

Can I buy a GetOutPass as a gift?

Yes, you can! When you buy a GetOutPass as a gift, you will receive an email with a gift certificate and the gift codes for each pass purchased. The passes will activate when your recipient redeems the gift codes and creates their membership.

How do I use a gift code I received?

Gift codes need to be redeemed through the "Redeem Gift" tab on the website. 

Can I only use my GetOutPass for the attractions in my area/county?

You are able to use your GetOutPass at all attractions listed in the locations associated with that purchased pass (e.g., you will be able to participate in all venues in Utah after purchasing the Utah GetOutPass, regardless of where you live in Utah).

At what age is the GetOutPass recommended for?

We recommend all children ages 2 and up to have a GetOutPass. However, some attractions may charge all children upon admission, regardless of age. See specific attraction websites for details.

How do I log into my account?

Use your username (most likely your email address) and password that you made upon creating your account.
Forgot your username or password? Click here!

How do I reset my password?

Click here to reset password! If you are already logged in and wish to reset your password, you may do so under your account settings.

When can I use an offer again after I’ve redeemed it?

If an offer is available once a year, you will not be able to use it again until you’ve renewed your pass after the 12-month period. For monthly offers, the offer will reset on the 1st day of every month. Quarterly offers will reset on the 1st day of every 3rd month (January, April, July, October).

How long are the offers valid?

Each offer is available at different times, depending on the frequency and dates made available by the attraction. Attractions reserve the rights to change their offers at any time. You will see any blackout dates or restrictions in the details section of the attraction's offer in the app, or on the main webpage by clicking on the attraction's icon. 

Will the current attractions always be available on the GetOutPass?

We have multi-year contracts with all of our attraction partners. We occasionally change attractions in an effort to better the pass value for our members. You can stand confident that the value of our passes are always increasing--at no additional cost to our members!

What do I do if an offer is not showing up on my account?

Check the "View All" section of the app to see all offers, regardless of when they are open. The offers available at that moment will be listed under "Today". If you aren't seeing an offer under either of those tabs, it may not be available any more or it may be going through some changes.

Is the GetOutPass transferable?

The GetOutPass is non-transferable. Each membership is linked to the individual by their name, age and gender. You are not able to redeem an offer that belongs to someone else, and others are not able to use your pass.

How do I add a member to an existing account?

In order to add a member to an existing account, you will need to create a separate account and email the GetOutPass team with a request to combine the two accounts together. Message us at contact@getoutpass.com with the info from both accounts, which you want to merge, and which you want to retain. We'll quickly take care of it and send a confirmation once finished.

Can I redeem an offer if the other members on my account are not with me?

Absolutely! All of the members on one account do not have to be at the same attraction at the same time in order to redeem an offer.

Do the passes automatically renew?

For your convenience, our passes automatically renew so you can continue having fun without any interruptions! Auto-renewal can be turned off or on at any time by visiting your account settings in your profile.

How do I find my Refer a Friend code?

Quick and easy, all found in your app.

Are there any benefits to renewing my pass?

We offer our renewal customers the lowest prices regardless of when you pass renews. All members will get a discount applied to their payment upon their automatic renewal. We value our members and want you to keep coming back for more fun!

How do I update my credit card information?

Your credit card information can be changed at any time under the account settings when you log into your active GetOutPass account. 

How do I cancel my renewal?

You can cancel your renewal at any time in your account settings when logged into your account on a computer or your smart phone's web browser. 

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