How to Sign Up and Redeem

GetOutPass is a subscription-based fun pass. As a member, you will enjoy admission and access to many venues at no additional charge! You can save thousands of dollars while having tons of fun at a wide variety of venues for one low yearly fee!

Sign Up

Click on the link below to begin the sign-up process. We will ask for your basic information (nothing too personal!) and how many passes you would like to purchase. You will be the master accountholder for your family and your email address will be your username. If you have any relatives or friends that would be better served to have their own login and access to their account on their own phone, please have them sign up under a separate account! You will then need to agree to our terms of service and enter your credit card information.

Log In

Once you Sign up you will be logged in and asked to create your member profiles. Once you add all of your family members and create their passes, you will immediately be able to start using your pass and redeem offers at our venues! If you ever log out, you will simply need to log in again through our website. Remember your username and password!

Browse Venues and Offers

After you sign up and log in, you will have access to all your offers! Some can be used once a year, multiple times per year, monthly, and some are even weekly or unlimited! Pay attention to what is available on the day you’d like to visit a particular venue. Each offer gives details as to when it is available and how frequently you can use that offer.

Select a Venue

Simply select the offer you wish to use. After this, you will be asked to choose which members on your account will be joining you at the venue. Then you will hit “REDEEM”.

Redeem Offer

Once you are sure you’d like to use your pass and redeem the offer, you will have 6 hours to visit the venue and present your pass by using your phone to the employee at the venue. They will hit the red “VENUE ACCEPT” on your phone and give you admission or access to the venue! Once the red “VENUE ACCEPT” button has been pressed, or the 6 hour clock has expired, you will no longer be able to use that pass until it becomes available to you again, depending on the frequency that the offer is available (unlimited, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc).



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