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How and When Venues will Begin to Open

The Presidential Administration has issued new guidelines to state leaders encouraging them to prepare for an economic re-opening as early as May 1st. Shelter-in-place and social distancing restrictions will be loosened over a three phase plan. Each state will be left to decide how and when to carry out this plan to re-start the economy.

We have spoken to dozens of major amusement park and water parks around the country, ALL of which are planning on being open this coming summer. Each state will have their own plan for re-opening the economy and each venue will have their own plan for fitting in to those state regulations. Due to the variability of policy from state to state, we will update our members here on this page regarding the opening of venues, based on pass location.

We encourage all our members to stay up to date on current guidelines regarding local state health and safety regulations. Please rest assured that every GetOutPass member will have the opportunity to get the awesome value they were expecting to get out of their pass. We will continue to extend passes until all or most venues are open and will especially make sure everyone has the chance to visit the feature venues (amusement, water parks, etc.) on their pass. Check back on the news page for updates!

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