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Lagoon Update

As Lagoon continues in their ongoing efforts to make sure that their facilities are ready for all for all of their customers, we have been asked to hold off on the redemption process until  June 15th. We have been in constant communication and we plan on having more updates coming soon. Be sure to check in on the “NEWS” section of the GetOutPass website.  


The redemption process will be made easier this summer. Members will no longer need to travel to the office we had in Farmington in order to receive physical tickets. All redemptions will be made on your mobile device, as with most of our venues. More information on that will also be provided soon.


Be sure to visit Lagoon’s website to read up on how they are ensuring the safety of all their customers and employees with the COVID-19 outbreak. Here, you can learn how to better prepare for your trip and what their expectations are for all customers:

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