We Are On A Mission of Fun.

Win the battle against the internet. That sounds kinda weird right? At the GetOutPass we strive everyday to win the battle against the internet by providing an affordable way for families to disconnect from their phones and have meaningful experiences together riding roller coasters, bowling, playing laser tag, or visiting your local aquarium.
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How we Started

The GetOutPass was started by Charles Belliston. He discovered that local attractions were tough to try with his kids. Is it worth the money? What if they didn't like it? Instead of missing out on potential fun, he created the GetOutPass, which gives its members free admission into dozens of entertainment attractions. You can save money, have fun, and create memories together out of the house!
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“Devices make it harder for us to connect with family and friends. The GetOutPass was designed to help families save money and create lasting memories together.”
Taggart Krueger
President & Co-Founder

Our Values

We help families save money. Connecting doesn't need to be expensive.
From amusement parks to go karting, the GetOutPass has something for everyone.
The GetOutPass only features offers with clear value to our customers.
The GetOutPass was built to provide meaningful experiences for you, your friends, and your family.

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In todays day and age it is becoming increasingly more difficult to disconnect from wifi and have a meaningful experience with your family and friends. We strive everyday to help families and friends connect and share lasting memories by offering a solution to affordable fun. As we continue to grow and offer families around the U.S affordable fun we look for talented individuals to help us in our efforts. If you are interested in career opportunities please check in and see if we are hiring!
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