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Life Is Better With Family and Friends

Our new Refer A Friend program is perfect for getting the whole gang together on the GetOutPass. Watch the video to know more about the program.
How it works

How to Use Refer A Friend

We reward our loyal customers who share their experiences with GetOutPass. For every pass you sale with your unique promo code we pay you $5.
Share Your Promo Code
As a member you always have the best discount. Yes, that's right, your unique promo code will always be $5 cheaper than the price we advertise. Share your unique promo code with your friends and family and they will get the best deal while you get paid!
Use the Code
When your friends and family use your code we keep track. At the beginning of each month, we will send you a PayPal via email with the amount you earned that you can claim for cash.
Get the Cash
Start earning cold hard cash today by sharing all the fun you and your family have had using GetOutPass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Look through our FAQ's! If you cant find what your're looking for our customer service team is here to help.
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Can I buy a GetOutPass as a gift?
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Are there any benefits to renewing my pass?

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