Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Pass at all venues? Or just the venues in my area/county?

YES!!! You can use the GetOutPass at ALL venues listed for the pass you’re purchasing, regardless of where you live! For instance, if you buy the Utah GetOutPass, you can use ALL the venues you see on the “Utah” site! We just organize them on each site by area so that you can easily see all of the great venues nearest you.

At what age is the GetOutPass needed?

We recommend that all children ages 2 and up have a GetOutPass. If your child will want to participate in any of the activities at a venue, they will need a pass. Some venues charge for children as young as 1. See specific venue for details.

Should I buy a GetOutPass for my 2 year old?

That’s entirely up to you! But we do recommend that all children ages 2 and up have their own GetOutPass. Most of the big venues require a ticket or entry fee for kids 2 and up. We also have some venues, like bounce houses, that are specifically for toddlers and little kids! If you don’t have a pass for your 2 year old, you’ll simply have to pay for them at the venue like you normally would. See specific venues for details and admission prices.

How do I use my GetOutPass?

Instructions on your GetOutPass will arrive via email immediately after your purchase. For most venues you will simply use your phone and present it at the venue!

How do I log in to my account?

Accounts and passwords are created when you set up your account. You will need to enter the email and password you created to log in and use your GetOutPass.

Can I sign up and use the pass for one month and then cancel?

No. You will be required to sign up for a 12 month agreement.

How long are the offers valid?

Each offer is available at different times, depending on the frequency and dates that the venue makes them available. Venues reserve the right to change their offers at any time. As long as an offer is available, you have an active account, and you haven’t already used the offer, all offers will be available to you.

When can I use an offer again after I’ve already redeemed it?

That depends on the offer. If an offer is only available once per year, you will not be able to use it again until your pass is renewed for your next 12 month term. If an offer is monthly, you will be able to use it again the following month. If an offer is quarterly, it will renew on the start of the next quarter, and so on.

Is the GetOutPass transferable?

No. Each membership is linked to the individual by their name, age, and gender. You will not be able to redeem an offer that belongs to someone else.

Will the current venues always be available on the GetOutPass?

We work hard to keep all of our venues happy with their participation on the pass. We anticipate that all current venues will remain on the GetOutPass. Venues and their offerings, however, are subject to change. We are always working to add new venues and offers, and you will not need to pay extra to get access to them on your current subscription!

How does it work if I buy passes as a Gift?

When you purchase the GetOutPass as a gift, you will only be able to buy the “yearly” payment option. When you buy a gift, you will receive an email with a gift certificate and “gift codes” for each pass you purchase. The passes will NOT activate until you give the gift to your recipient and they redeem the “gift codes” and create their membership!


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