About Us

We are dedicated to provide fun.

GetOutPass Story

How We Started

The GetOutPass was started by Charles Belliston. He discovered that local attractions were tough to try with his kids. Is it worth the money? What if they didn't like it? Instead of missing out on potential fun, he created the GetOutPass, which gives its members free admission into dozens of entertainment attractions. You can save money, have fun, and create memories together out of the house!

What We Do

The GetOutPass is the ultimate fun-pass. It works as an app on your smartphone. Once signed up, you and anyone on your membership can gain free admission to the best entertainment attractions in your area! Roller coasters, arcades, good times--we've got you covered.

Make It Your Story

Save money and spend quality time with your friends and family. Show them AND your wallet that you love them both by joining the GetOutPass!

Our Team

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People love getting out of the house, they just don’t love the cost. We started GetOutPass as a way for families and individuals to try new things and get out more often without breaking the budget. Just open the app, and find dozens of options for what you’ll be doing that day. Like Netflix, but a whole lot more fun!

Taggart K.

CEO & Founder

Here to bond with you over the newest music, funniest tik tok trends, and the latest tea on The Bachelor. I love to try to a new recipe & throw on a basketball game while I cook! GetOutPass has helped me find new things to do around me, and it’s so easy to use.

Marie G.

Director of Operations

I’m the Director of Sales and Director of Always Wearing Sandals to Work. My wife and I love to travel and play sports. I love using my GetOutPass to laser tag with new hires, check out up-and-coming attractions, and go on unique dates.

Riggs P.

Executive Sales Director

To say I love to ski would be an understatement. I make the best grilled cheese and quesadilla to fuel up for surfing, mountain biking, and all things outdoors. I use my GetOutPass to hit the slopes!

Nicholas R.

Marketing Director

I love shopping for clothes and anything Nike related. I play basketball, soccer, and tennis. Currently in love with my Jordan Fire Red 4’s. I love using my GetOutPass to improve my swing at the batting cages.

Kayla G.

Influencer Program Director

I’m all about hanging out with my family, playing the guitar, and humbling people in Mario Kart. I love using the GetOutPass for date nights and my wife thinks I’m a genius for it.

Dallin R.

Creative Director

I love sports and played lacrosse for 12 years. I like watching sports, trying new restaurants, and binging Netflix TV shows. I like to use my GetOutPass for amusement parks and bowling.

Max A.

Sales Representative Manager

I love shopping, eating food but not cooking it, and earning those sweet, sweet Delta Sky Miles. I use my GetOutPass for the thrill of adrenaline at amusement parks!

Hunter L.

Customer Service Director

I spend my time producing videos in and out of the GetOutPass. I’d consider myself a movie buff and an appreciator of all things artistic. I use my GetOutPass to go on fun excursions with my friends.

Collin S.

Content Creator

Loves advertising, all kinds of social media, and all things creative. My favorite pastime is trying a new craft I have never heard of (current obsession: perler beads). I love bright colors, cracking jokes, and Trader Joe’s. I use the GetOutPass to play at new places in my area!

Carinne C.

Social Media Manager

I love working at the GetOutPass! I like to write in my free time and I am a native Spanish speaker. I use my GetOutPass to go bowling.

Dallen E.

Sales Representative

I’m happiest listening to José González, Of Monsters and Men, and anything with classical guitar. When I’m not having fun at the office or attempting to play my favorite songs on the guitar, I’m taking photos in the mountains! I love using the GetOutPass to go with friends to the local attractions!

Braxton L.

Sales Representative

My hobbies include fly fishing, super smash bros, and renewing my annual GetOutPass subscription.

Mason M.

Sales Representative

I love playing soccer, speaking Spanish, and I am studying business. The GetOutPass allows me to go try awesome things in my community.

Adam N.

Sales Representative

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